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Sports Academy
Sports Academy


N.P.R. Sports quota for Arts and Science students only. The quota ment for high performance players.

We have given Sports quota for 17 players in the last academic year (2008-2009) through that one our college players represented Madurai Kamaraj University South west zone inter University Tournament held at Salem, we secured runners-up in all India Inter University Tournaments. It was a great reward, after that we represented many tournaments and secured first place.

Before that more practice sessions and training camp for every tournaments, are held and this year we secured first place in Madurai Kamaraj University Inter Collegiate Women’ss Football Tournaments held at our campus. We are conducting 1 month coaching camp for Madurai Kamaraj University football team for women November 2009 at our campus. Highlight is out of 18 players 11 are selected from our institution. We hope they will win the first place in All India Inter University Football Women’s Tournament.

Men Football team represented Madurai Kamaraj University “C” Zone Football tournament entered in the semifinals.

More number of players have represented Tamil Nadu Youth Football team in last academic year.

We have entered in the Dindigul District football league also.

In this respect we are motivating the players through for their innovative talent and its execute with great success.


We constructed a standard volleyball court separately for men and women. Our students represented ‘C’ zonal volleyball tournaments.

The court which is suited for the Hostel students also paly at evening for their recreational activities.

And we have separate ground facilities for hostel students.Chess and Carrom We have number of chess and carron board facilities for all college students which are useful to the students those whoa re represent the tournaments.


We constructed a modernized basketball cement court with fibre board and standard ring successfully. In future, we are going to participate in the specialized activities.


We have a standard Hand ball Court established last academic year we have conducted various tournament at this court and MK University Inter collegiate tournament District level school tournament are also conducted.

N.P.R. Arts and Science students represented MKU ‘C’ Zonal Handball tournament. First place in 2007-08 Runners-up in 2008-09. The players having more chances to represent the Madurai Kamaraj University Handball team.

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